Cháe: Day in a Life!?

Chae’s trajectory has altered due to instagram reels boosting the brand. Initially, Chae concentrated on a production of reels dedicated to guiding and informing our audience about aesthetics and editorial design. Our audience is mostly composed of the bcm student community in addition to young adults who know the founders, most being students as well. We aim to demonstrate how beneficial a student portfolio is to future career opportunities.

We are still encompassing this perspective, continuing the production of our magazine, however Chae must be iterated for the best. 

When recording our instagram day in a lifes on our stories, our audience showed great interest in it, constantly requesting more. Thus, we decided to try out vlog-style reels on our day in a life of lockdown videos which skyrocketed our metrics!

The seminar we hosted in week 9 was an extremely beneficial experience to Chae’s trajectory. The bcm community helped give reasons for why they are attracted to “day in a life” vlogs. Answers such as giving inspiration of what to do each day and it simply being satisfying to watch a more aesthetic version of your own life were recorded. 

Sequentially, we thought it best to simply ask our audience why they enjoyed our day in a life reels. Receiving an overwhelming 96% answer of YES to liking the reels, answers were mostly similar in subject matter. Inspiration for routines, inspiration for daily activities, fascination in how we conduct our lives and of course an intrigue in the aesthetics of the videos themselves.

All these activities, the seminar hosting and the audience inquiry, has helped us realise why our reels are succeeding so much with our current audience. This will help us shape how we can take these reels further, perhaps into youtube video vlogs, and how we can keep the audience committed to our content. Audience’s are increasingly more attracted to these types of vlogsBut with the increasing number of such videos being uploaded on YouTube that get an average of 3.59 million views every year, we can’t deny that there’s an audience for this type of content.” (Olivar, 2021)

Taking this iteration in our trajectory into account, we have reframed Chae’s problem to be solved as young adults struggling in lockdown/exiting lockdown to find a healthy routine in their life which is both productive yet nourishes their mental health. We will address this by inspiring our audience in what they can do each day of their lives to create this work/life balance in the most effective and healthy way possible. We know this is relevant due to lockdowns impacting mental health, “Anxiety levels are on the rise as well due to the uncertainty in the air” (Innamuthiah, 2020). Our audience is drawn to the aesthetics of the video, therefore they will continue being inspired by the aesthetically pleasing and seemingly simple ways we handle work & life through an ending lockdown. 

We will stay committed to our magazine which is dedicated to demonstrating how student portfolios can be beneficial for future opportunities, through the lens of editorial design. Showing the ease of what an editorial design can do for your brand and how to create one will surely educate our design student portion of our audience in an inspirational way. 

Remaining dedicated to our BCM302 content, our reel portion of Chae’s problem to be addressed is a direct reference to paradigm shifts and how to become accustomed to a new paradigm. We live each day trying to get used to the new normal, and our audience is attracted to this as they wish to find this peace in the paradigm we have. Now our lockdown is ending and a new procedure of how to conduct ourselves outside of the comfy confines of our home will be the new challenge. Paradigm shifts are good things as it shows we evolve, “Paradigms are important because they define how we perceive reality and how we behave within it” (Kenton, 2021). Thus, we will have to guide our audience through this paradigm shift and display how it can be healthy to step outside one’s comfort zone, and how you can unwind from that at the end of the day.

Olivar A, 2021, “The Allure of Day in my Life Vlogs” Colzette

Innamuthiah M, 2021 “CoronaVirus Lockdown: A Paradigm Shift in How We Work” Deccan Harold
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  1. jtownsend17 says:

    Hi Chelsea,
    You and the other girls have done an amazing job with Chae Media and the progress and success of your digital artefact should very much be recognised and commended. The beta was well structured and flowed thoroughly throughout, a tad long but forgivable with how much you had to cover. The development of your content has been consistent and on-brand. You have done an excellent job at narrowing down your audience and creating content that would appeal to them. The decision to make reels seemed to work in your favour, the research you have put into perfecting reels has definitely paid off. I like the idea of ‘reusing’ your content, so the stories you put up, they are compiled into a video to make a reel, quite a clever way to make sure your content is never missed. Especially as stories only last 24 hours if people aren’t active (unlikely) they won’t see it.

    The idea of YouTube vlogs could be very successful as there is definitely an audience for the content you guys are making. Although it is such a crowded niche having three different perspectives to the vlog might well work in your favour. The feedback you received during class seemed useful to get the opinions of people that may not entirely be your audience or resonate with the content. Although the feedback you received on your Instagram stories provided great feedback for you to work with, knowing people like the aesthetic, lockdown videos and how you cope with the university. Instagram is very user friendly especially to do with its analytics, you can really narrow it down to what content your audience loves and when they see it and how. The planning and segmentation of tasks you and the other girls is vital as you are producing so much content daily and constantly working on the business. I am intrigued to see your magazine and how your audience reacts to it, I was curious if you had established how often these magazine releases would happen. I feel the magazine might make you stand out of the crowd for such an overcrowded niche eg day in the life, lockdown videos, get ready me with. If it’s something you guys have considered by possibly putting sponsors in the magazine; I don’t know if you want to steer away from this but it’s a possibility for both sides of the sponsorship to have an advantage in the market.

    Overall, the three of you work cohesively together and are all able to stick to the same brief and theme that Chae Media is. Demonstrating how you are able to respond to change and implement your project accordingly. I can see this already successful project going very far, you have a solid audience, theme and aesthetic and have the drive for success. Well done!


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