Beta Peer Reviews: Shopping & Sustainable Fashion

Tori: TikTok Shopping Reviews

Tori’s tik tok videos have started to garner views and followers due to toris success in creating videos that hook the audience until the end. She created a beautiful beta video that discussed her confusions and iterations of her project in depth. She aims to provide honest reviews of “popular and trending” online shopping products/fashion so that audiences don’t waste their money, particularly when they are unable to experience the product first hand because of lockdown. She has a clear utility for her audience, being that they won’t have to waste their money to know if the products they want are worth it. 

Tori chose tik tok to be the delivery of this problem; it reaches an audience that is frequently exposed to advertisements. Thus, her methodology allowed her to reach her utility through an audience that is relevant to her purpose. Tori expressed frustrations in the difference of her interaction to reach metrics, being followers/likes and views. Her tik toks seem to be achieving large exposure, which means that she is successfully luring an audience to watch the whole video. Tori should use the effectiveness of call to actions to remind an audience to take an action to see more content. 

Tori also noted how other tiktoks like trending videos and gaming videos did not perform as successfully as the online shopping reviews. I informed her that this was because she has reached a particular audience who stays to see the entirety of her videos due to the utility it provides them. Trending videos and gaming videos did not provide her particular audience any use, and did not relate to the problem she was solving. 

I also suggested for Tori to investigate the audience themselves, asking whether they like the videos and want to see more in the captions of the videos. I see this often on tiktok and followers/users utilise the comment section to agree, disagree and provide suggestions. In this way, Tori will be able to reassure that she has a feedback loop and is constantly iterating her project for the best. 

Additionally, I gave Tori some resources on evergreen content. This is content that has a long shelf-life and is typically reused by audiences as well as reached by a wider audience. Evergreen content is typically like guides, tutorials, and valuable information. Tori is producing evergreen content with her reviews which is why her views are so high. Contradictorily, Viral content is anything popular and trending, delivering a surge in views for a few hours with a short shelf life. This explains why toris second tik tok video was given a second run through the fyp, it is evergreen content that audiences found useful. I suggested for Tori to concentrate on Evergreen content for success. Finally, I gave Tori some resources on customer pain points as well. This will help her articulate what her audiences’ utilities are and use them to her advantage in her project, making her DA the solution to the pain points.

Touching on BCM302 lecture material, Tori’s DA explores how an audience adjusts to paradigm shifts. With covid19 being an anomaly that causes a paradigm shift which has new rules and agendas such as lockdowns, the economic world of shopping has been shifted entirely digitally – erasing the pre existing measures of physical reassurance before purchase. Toris DA is a venture through the new paradigm we live in and building the new procedures that will overcome incoming anomalies.

Rachel: Bad Days Label

Rachel’s Digital Artefact is succeeding so well! Her Beta video was designed beautifully and flowed through her trajectory. She has a clearly defined problem of educating people on the environmental impacts of fashion. Her podcast offers a solution by informing her audience and spreading awareness on the issue. Her purpose is set, with a clear utility for not only the audience to know better on the topic of fashion and its environmental cost, but the benefit of the world. 

Rachel chose podcasts as her methodology, this was an effective choice as educational podcasts is an effective media growing in the educational industry. It demands listeners’ attention for longer, it’s easily accessible and can be available at any time. I provided Rachel with some academic articles and resources on the effectiveness of educational podcasts. It outlined the benefits for students and the potential it has for the educational realm – which she can apply to her own project. 

Rachel’s DA methodology has encapsulated her concept framework critically, with a clearly defined utility for her audience. Additionally, her feedback loop is a vital component to the success of her digital artefact. Clearly with the evidence she supplied in her blog post, she has implemented a working prototype that garners feedback from her audience. Currently it seems that her audience is happy with her podcasts, and well informed on the subject she is educating; once again a working prototype. 

Correspondingly, Rachel touched on her iterations and her struggles in committing to her timetable she proposed in the pitch. I sympathize with Rachel as there’s not much you can do when life happens. I believe her feelings of being defeated due to not sticking to a timeline impacted her drive to create content. I suggested for Rachel to remain positive and perhaps in future have a backup timetable which would make her feel less guilty for not keeping up with her goals. However in essence I believe Rachel has achieved great lengths, the fortnight release method is working and allows her time and resources to create the best quality of podcasts she can. Through reanalysing her trajectory, she is able to pinpoint where she can go from here and how to achieve what she aspires to. I believe the videoing whilst recording is a great option for instagram micro-content, hopefully she is able to achieve this and show what more she can add to her already working prototype. 

Once More on the material of BCM302 lecture content, I outlined how Rachel’s podcasts are introducing a new frame of schema into her audience’s psychological decision making. She is reframing their perspective of fashion and its environmental impact, which will be provoked when being faced with a decision on purchasing. I provided her with some academic content and a video to further understand schema as I believe it will benefit her contextual report to touch on how she is interacting with the lecture content.

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