VCD Reflection

My Task 2 design brief experience has honestly been a very confronting and challenging time. Particularly with lecture demos being online, untrustworthy internet with zoom tutorials and the complexities of adobe. However, I overcame them all and I am satisfied with the outcome of my design booklet.

I initially intended for my booklet to be a warm reflection of the colours found in my ransom quote “Better Done Than Prfect” from Erik Speikermann. I decided to create an off-centred half of my collage, the left filled with cut outs of various sceneries I found in magazines. In the middle was a cute calligraphy “perfect”, juxtaposed to the right which used negative space and uneven cut outs of letters to form the quote ‘better done than perfect’.

As I was designing, I realised I wasn’t motivated to work on my booklet because I didn’t vibe with the aesthetic or the colour compositions or the feel of the project. I took to pinterest and found existing examples of ex uni students booklets from moodle and youtube. I decided that I would have a black, blue and white theme.

My monogram is an epitome of my calibre, I think I am the happiest with my monogram out of all the components of the design brief. It is a combination of my initials including my hyphenated first name “Chelsea-Lee”. I thought this was an interesting part of myself that should be included in my monogram. Additionally, I couldn’t work out a design of ‘CB’ in which the C didn’t look like it was eating the B, or turning into a backwards D! The font is Lora, which is a modernist serif font embodies a classic but new sophistication with neat thin and bold contrasting lines. I encased the monogram for the white on black criteria in a circle, emblematizing a softness to its edge. Lastly, I kept the colour simple as corresponding with my personality, highlighting the L of the CLB in colour to emphasize the uniqueness.

I was very obsessed with attempting to make my compositions super out of the box and unique, to which I promptly found that simplicity is key. Over complicating the designs made them less appealing to look at, let alone read.

I found it very challenging to keep in mind the appeal of an audience to read the text in addition to the design. I was conscious of the fact that typically human eyes get tired reading sentences that were too short (0-3 words) and too long. I knew I had to hit the middle, and I hope I did!

I learned many skills in my experimentation, but particularly the text on a line tool which I was very proud of myself to find. I really wanted to showcase this tool and skill that I found but had trouble fitting it into the work in a flattering way. I finally found a cute and effective way to use the tool as a pull quote of a family in the Adobe Garamond font that also semi-served as a heading!

The design process ended with a compilation of designs that I had to choose from as only four compositions were to be submitted. I found this the most challenging part, trying to possess all elements of the criteria, pull quotes, letter spacing, paragraph indents, grid structures etc. in the four compositions. I really wanted to have a double page spread as one of my designs, I think this was the hardest to choose from because there was so much space and such little text yet I really thought it brought a nice finale to the booklet.

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