Gabbing with the Gorls: An Ellaborate Marketing Mechanism?

Much like the topic of last week, permission control is a central ideology clouding the concerns around technology and algorithmic control. Components like ‘big data’ which are “very large datasets of information gleaned from online footprints and other sources, along with analytic and computational tools.” (Zeynap, 2014) are an example of algorithmic control in which data is captured and then reused by other technologies to galvanise a predicted power of us as users (ethnicity, gender, age etc). These data networks shows us how interconnected humanity has become with these technologies

As of July 2019

From Statistica

Big data’s impact on the public sphere through computational politics operates through multiple intertwined dynamics, and the purpose of this paper is to define, explain and explore them both individually, and also within the context of this intertwining”

(Zeynap, 2014)

This makes us question things like algorithmic trust and whether privacy exists with algorithmic control. Is this just a large marketing mechanism or a violation into our privacy? Check out Gabbing with the Gorls for more! 

Tufeki, Zeynep (2014) Engineering the Public: Big Data, Surveillance and Computational Politics Peer Reviewed Journal on Internet.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Your ideas and the way you wrote this post is really good. I also had a similar concept to you. Definitely was great xx


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