Better Done Than Prfect

Erik Speikermann is a famous designer/typographer that aims to “make communication more open and visible”. He enjoys being the ‘unknown’ designer of artworks that are exhibited around publically, his designs are dedicated to easing the barrier of audience and artist in communication. Communication is meant to be direct and simple.

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In Speikermann’s artwork ‘Better Done Than Prfect’ embracing mistakes and outlining the effectiveness of communication is elucidated.

The letterpress company only had four e’s available, so speikermann wears a ‘work with what you got’ morale and creates a famous piece on challenging the perfections of the design community. It is an ironic joke imposed on fine print, that wasn’t intentional.

The design additionally enlightens the articulate race of humanity, who even when a sentence is wrong or unfinished can continue to communicate and perceive its meaning. 

This is the message of Speikermann in relation to type and design, to embrace the materials and skills you have now and make the most of it, communication can always be received when it is done right within the correct context.

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As a designer, this is a motivational and comforting artistic reassurance. Speikermann’s lens on design and typography is unique, to dedicate an artwork to unleashing the true character of communication. To create is to bring to light the limits and barriers put in place by pre-existing rules, to break them down and reveal the potential a design has on the audience, the art market and even the artist themselves.  

Speikermann encourages making the most out of what you have now. This is what the essence of this quote brings us. Speikermann delineates the delayed delivery of artworks and designs by artists simply due to the perception that it is not finished quite to the perfection that the community sets forth before them. 

This has impacted on me personally with my progress to my letter-forms and A3 poster. When designing I had felt like I was reaching closer and closer to the final version of my poster. However due to the views around me and the aura that I should be working until the very last minute to perfect my design. I fretted on many other things to add to it, but it just didn’t seem right. Every time I showed it to a new pair of eyes there were reflections that it would be too loud, chaotic or unnecessary. The recurring phrase i was met with was “less is more”. They said to just bring it back to the original. In the end, I found Speikermann’s work as comfort within myself, I was confident that I felt finished for a reason.

I decided that my poster was complete with my original design, remaining inspired and motivated by the fact that its:

Better Done Than Prfect.

Anwar F Erik Speikermann Behance.

Hamilton R (2017) 5 Gems of Type Wisdom from Erik Speikermann Creative Bloq. 

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