The Gorls on the News Frame

Frames in media are known as the lens constructed by prior experience and knowledge, schema, to interpret a ‘chaotic stimuli’ of an event into a story for an audience to consume. Schema is known as the infusion of past experience into the gaps and fragments of current reality where existing patterns are unknown to the individual. 

The news frame uses schema to their advantage in the distribution and consumption of its media. Although, it can also become their downfall. The ability to manipulate schema will congregate an audience whose preconceptions are simplified into notions that are easy to digest. Answering the questions:

  • What to expect
  • What is important
  • And what is related to what

Will ensure an influenced perception frame to the news media network. It organises everyday reality into a frame that is easy to perceive, however this is where it all went wrong with COVID19 in America’s news-frame.

Enjoy this podcast of me, Hannah and Emma discussing how the news of COVID19 was reported in just a few weeks.

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  1. maiganw says:

    First all, your blog posts each week do so well and I love seeing your interaction with your beautiful CHAE team! The three of you work so well together, it feels like I’m listening to a re-run of the lecture, and almost like I’m sitting there with you! This blog really piqued my interest as the way you wrote about schema was great. I also focused on framing theory in my blog post, but I leant more towards using quotes and discussing the work of Entman over using my own description. I really like your way of discussing each weeks content, and will keep it as a note for my future posts. Super amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

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