Chae Media: A Content Creating Company

Chae Media is a content creating company who aims to create aesthetically inviting content built to assist a student-based audience through mental health and encourage producing positive habits. Chae Media is a medium for small business representation, giving advice and maintaining a reputation as a platform to showcase your projects. 

We have evolved this semester, leaving our usual magazine release until next semester and concentrating on areas that our audience prefer such as podcasts, our instagram content and etsy shop construction. We have taken legitimate steps into starting our etsy business including producing 10 x 15mm prints to start selling and stickers for monetisation. Capturing product photos, Chae was ready to launch our etsy shop! Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen personal events the launch had to halt as we attempt to gather money, resources and time for product producing.

Chae has thrown themselves into the creation of a new branch of media, being the Gabbing with the Gorls podcast! We were inspired by Jody Turner and utilised her futurist perceptions to decide on what areas to grow our company in; finding that podcasts are the next biggest thing. Discussing in our Jody Turner podcast, we found that Gen Z’s creative innovation is driving today’s world, “Generally, I track western influences around the world. I see how Boomers and their traditional mindsets have overgrown consumption, and how Gen X rebelled against that and became the creative custom, design-minded sneaker/athleisure culture we see everywhere today.” (Cheng, 2019). We have consistently released episodes relating to where we see Chae in the future, Futurist thinking and utilising our BCM325 knowledge to make predictions about the future. These discussions have been exciting and productive investments in our time as we unravelled what our audience needs from Chae.

podcasts piling up!!

Meanwhile, Gen Z is taking in everything that has gone before, making it their own, blurring it all together. Their tech flexibility shows how we’re moving from harder products to softer platforms and experiences.” (Cheng, 2019).

witness Chàe’s growth and activity on Twitter!

Once-more assessing Jody Turner’s trend predictions, we have delved into the world of instagram reels and tik toks as our audience demands more video content. We have dedicated ourselves to introducing Chae and it’s creators through video content, reaching a larger audience and expanding our knowledge in understanding how futuristic thinking/predictions can be harnessed to benefit your project.

Additionally, utilising the power of the feedback loop, Chae has taken-on suggestions and iterations that were made and created a Patreon account! This platform is still new to us however we plan on implementing a one-month hype for the launch of Patreon as we gather content for the app.

starting up Patreon!

As analysed through our instagram posts, we have found consistency in our content creation; helping students and small businesses with tips on assignments and visual aesthetics. Both of these areas were demands from our audience which we have been delivering. Aiming to confront the mental and physical struggles students experience, we hope to bring light to these issues by providing a platform of creative inspiration and assistance; as Kurzweil observed on anthropology, “What is unique about human beings is our ability to create abstract models and to use these mental models to understand the world and do something about it.” (2002, Kurzweil).

Conclusively, Chae has touched base with the BCM325 DA focus by establishing our 5 year goals and making them accessible on a new ‘Our Missions’ page on our website. This was a productive addition to our Website as our current and new audience can see where Chae’s foreseen trajectory is headed, encouraging them to stick around for the journey as we find ways of bettering the world and creating small business awareness.

chàe’s mission statement !

Cheng P (2019) “Jody Turner: A Glimpse Into The Future Interview” Impact Mania 

Kurzweil R (2012) “After the Singularity: A Talk With Ray Kurzweil” Kurzweil: Tracking the Acceleration of Intelligence.

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