HOLD UP! New Digital Artefact?!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there” – Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

My original digital artefact was simply a project of drawing without a direction of where I was going or what I was going to do; it’s purpose.

Therefore, upon a random suggestion of my own (that I admittedly didn’t think anyone was going to agree to!) I have scrapped my original Digital Artefact and have formed a group to create a project together.

We have decided to somewhat smoosh our Digital Artefacts together and create an online magazine (yes, sorta like a blog, but we’re just going with this!) aimed at University students. Welcoming to a device near you … Cháe Magazine!! (Website still in process)

our instagram site ready to go!


The audience is not location specific, but global for all university students. We are creating a basis of content that will be created to advice students across the world in various topics.

There are multiple topics we are preparing to cover, some being organisation, wellness, health, food, relationship advice and finance. The four members of our group will all be writing articles about each topic, moulding our range of perspectives together with the purpose of helping students understand these subjects and implement them in their University lives.

The topics will include “tips and tricks” such as skincare, time management, effective note-taking, quick and easy food recipes and more. In addition to these subjects, we will have a gallery of art designs to attract a side of monetisation to our Digital Artefacts, starting with selling wallpapers for technological devices. In addition to the practical side of assisting our users, we would also be concentrating on the mental well-being to a strong extent whilst uploading self-made poems and inspirational quotes to maintain positive moral within the aesthetic of our Digital Artefact.

As the Art Director and Co-Designer of the project, my role is to curate and create content for the website and other platforms we use. I assist in the colour coordination and design layout of certain elements within the project, illustrating unique and aesthetic digital art to decorate our website with. I will be creating headers, feature images, artworks to sell and wallpapers as the definitive components of art amongst our project. As previously mentioned I’ll also be creating poems and motivate quotes with the team to distinguish our positive and creative atmosphere!

Along with curating the art, I will be writing articles that feature health, such as skincare and fitness, and advice on relationships of all types. I will inform my opinion in other subject areas however the team will be concentrating on their own topics to write about! Overall though, we will be incorporating everyone’s perspectives and ideas to provide a broad outlook on the particular topic!

icon I designed for instagram highlight cover for “wellness”
Instagram highlight cover I designed for “organisation”
Icon I designed for instagram highlight cover for “food”

The design of our website is one of the most important things we have been advised to concentrate on. Continuing to keep asking ourselves “why would users come to our website as opposed to ____?”. The designer of our group is working very hard on creating our unique aesthetic, working towards a natural and neutral coloured vibe that is aimed at calming the audience browsing the website.

Cháe Magazine logo

We are very excited to be presenting this Digital Artefact, and working on it collectively. I am happy with the choice I have made and I believe this will be a fun and successful project!!

Amy Micallef

Emma Jenkins

Hannah Kairuz

And Chelsea-Lee Bastable

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