Unique Skillset? Where?

You know that question you will almost always get in a job interview, “What are your Strengths?” I hate that question more than anything. Or even writing a resume or cover letter, trying to sell why you should be hired, I hate that. So naturally, when being asked to talk about any unique skill/s that I might have, I put it off for as long as I could because I hate it.

I am not very good at trying to talk about if I’m good at something because it makes me feel like I am up-myself or selfish and what if I’m not actually that good at it I just thought I was? But alas, I finally came across something that’s weird but true about myself which is that i can find anything symbolic and metaphorical at any given moment or any given circumstance.

I AM that annoying English teacher that points out the various ‘techniques’ in a movie whilst you’re trying to watch it. I can make up a symbolic meaning to a picture i have never seen before or don’t know the context to. I am that friend who will dissolve into metaphor after metaphor when comforting someone because I feel like it creates a solution more visibly than any other comforting words can. I am annoyingly creative in that way.

My dreams will always never make sense and be the most random sequence of events in a unique world I have built in my head yet it would always be connected through small symbolisms I would use to justify it. I will always be consistently obsessed with poetry because of the symbolisms and metaphors I find in them. I will always find really well written lyrics to songs fascinating because I enjoy dissecting the symbolism behind those words. And I will always draw or paint strange and abstract portraits or scenarios because I am more connected to the symbolism behind the design than the product before me.

So please, comment any line out of context, show me any picture any quote describe any scene and i promise i will extract some outlandish symbolism that could be connected to that material!

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