Dying Elves: You or Them? Pitching it To You

Game Ideaology: A lesson about selfishness (choosing the dying elves or yourself)

Dying elves is played on a grid space board where all character cards start in the middle along an x axis 

The aim of the game is to either save the elves or save yourself. At the top of the board is the elves’ lands and at the bottom is the route home. Along each step of the y axis is a new challenge to be faced. Also along the y axis are ingredients to a potion you need to obtain, once all ingredients are gathered you will conjure up a cure which will save the elves or enrich your own kingdom.

Your character card choice, men, dwarves or different fae comes with both advantages and disadvantages along the way. (e.g. if you are to face a dark tunnel ahead, the men may not be able to see as easily as the dwarves with their experience in mines, but the dwarves may be distracted by treasure whereas the fae would not etc)

Playing The Game

Before anything, you must declare if you are saving the elves or returning to your kingdom. This choice cannot be changed unless a game card deems it so. Your declaration will have effects on your gameplay throughout your journey.

Setting up the Game: You are dealt with __ game cards and ___ resource cards at the start of the game. The game cards can be used to get ingredients to the potion easily, attack your opponents or ease your journey along the board. The ingredient cards are placed along the y axis of the board, and you must roll the dice higher than the number shown on the ingredient to obtain it. The resource cards are used to move along the board. The challenge cards are placed in a separate pile to draw from when a player stops on a challenge row on the board (similar to community chest in monopoly).

On your turn, you pick up to start your turn, play as many game cards as you like into the discard pile, and choose to move either up or down at the expense of 2 resource cards plus 1 resource card for every move after that (2 for the first move + 1 for each move after in your turn. Therefore 3 moves = 4 resource cards) or stay at the same place for the expense of 1 resource card.

This game mechanic is used to mimic that of realistic traveling whereby you need to use resources every day, more if you’re moving and still some if you are staying (e.g. camp).

If you run out of resource cards : you can try to make an alliance through trading with other players, otherwise your character gets sick with the elves sickness and aspires to take down the other players. Turn over your character card.

On your turn as a sickness, you may roll the dice and the number given is the amount of spaces you can move up/down to attack your opponent. Once on the same level as your opponent. Take _ cards at random. If that card is a resource card, you are cured and can flip your character card back over to cured. Otherwise you keep that card until a resource card is found through your attacks.

Passing the X axis: allows you to pick up 2 resource cards (like passing Go in Monopoly)

Obtaining ingredients: display your ingredient cards face up on the table in front of you so players can see your progress. You can obtain more than one of the same ingredients, but will need 4 different ingredients to conjure the cure.

Winning the Game: If you make your way to the end you declared at the start with the full potion and at least 1 resource card, you win the game.



  • Choose your character race (man, dwarf, halfling, fae etc)
  • Declare your Intentions to either save the elves or prosper your kingdom
  • Deal _ game cards and _ resource cards
  • Put game card and challenge piles  aside
  • Line up characters on x axis


  • Collect ingredients to the cure
  • Use game cards to your advantage
  • Overcome challenge cards
  • Maintain resource cards and if you become sick
    • Try to get resource cards again

END: Act Three

  • Have all ingredient cards and enough resource cards
  • Make your way to the end of the board you declare at the start.

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