Pitching Fluorescent Black

I will be doing a hand-drawn cel animation music video for the song Fluorescent Black by Sorority Noise. The video is derived from an animation I have been envisioning since I was 14 years old and I hope  to bring this daydream to life and give it justice. It is an extremely symbolic journey of the happenings inside a dying person’s head before they pass. In my daydream the illustrative vibe is very sketched and loosely drawn and as the journey increases the drawings solidify and become more complex. 

I have undertaken a lot of research into the utilization of animation with music in animated design history. The synchronization of music and animation is a difficult artwork to convey just as Len Lye’s Rainbow Dance demonstrated, a pioneering film which successfully animated a dancing scene with music.

My primary inspiration was simulated by Daft Punk’s musical video film Interstella 555. It was an ingenious collaboration of Daft Punk’s music albums and animated videos which narrated an intergalactic journey. This video came out when I was 13 years old which was the catalyzing design inspiration for the fluorescent black music video. 

I have so far written a four act structure with every scene of the imagined video and the seconds that go along with it in the song. I am honestly not sure i will be able to complete the song as it is 3 minutes long however I will be trying my absolute best to complete it!

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