Animation Progress

My motion design concept is evolving as I continue to play and experiment with it. I believe at this stage I know what I want the motion design animation to look like, however it is actually delivering that on screen which is the challenging part. I have been considering the design thinking stages to assist me identify where I am and how much I have to go. I believe however this stage is fluid for different parts of my animation. For example, currently I am likely in the implementing stage where I know what my animation is aiming to convey however I just need to deliver it. However, I could also identify myself in the prototype/ideation stage whereby the final piece of my design is coordinating some animations I have played with and putting them together.

I have been stuck on my opening sequence for some time as I have wanted to achieve the basic animation design fundamentals of anticipation. I want it t o seem like the viewer is almost diving into the pond before them, however as I have learned through Krasner J (2013) Motion Graphic Design: Kinetic Images & Typography, some movements require an opposite movement beforehand. This is known as anticipation, thus I have been attempting to zoom out of the animation before sequentially zooming into the animation to give an effect of bracing before impact of diving. Wes was able to assist me in this endeavor by increasing the initial scale of the pond composition I have created, meaning that I would reduce the scale back to it’s proper size before zooming in dramatically to give the anticipation or ‘bracing’ effect.

Additionally, I have been attempting to utilize the visual grammar components found in Leborg C (2006) Visual Grammar theories. After ‘diving’ or zooming into the composition I animated, I wanted there to be a sequence of circles rotating around an axis toward the viewer. I utilized rotation with an even frequent rhythm of repeating circles fading into the scene and growing to the foreground. The scale will be enlarged to give the illusion of the circles (or bubbles as I have tried to convey) rushing toward you. From the downscaled transparent spot the circles start at to the full-opacity upscaled position they end at, the birth process of the animation will allude to bubbles arising. The life of the animation will incorporate the dramatic upscaling and rotation of the circles to the death of the animation as they grow off-screen. 

Correspondingly, the depth of the dive will be enhanced through a subtle colour change in the background where the original blue will fade into a deeper blue. This deepens the effect of the rising bubbles meant to give life to the dive.

From here I would like to experiment with the 3D camera to achieve displacement. I would like to achieve a sequence that seems as though lines are diving up and out of the water and sequentially back into the water through the use of both the angle and direction of displacement. I welcome this challenge asI eagerly await to see the ending product of my animation. 

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