A Fashionable Reflection

In reflection of the vigorous research my partner Hannah and I embarked on the simulation of confidence through fashion and the implications it possesses on academic performance, we worked ourselves to the bone. I was looking forward to this investigation, particularly when I found that you could pick an area of your own interest and delve into where this goes for the bcm212 community. However, I believe that our investigation could have benefited with some redirection in our research methodologies.

In saying this, our research methodologies worked imperatively to deliver the answers we needed to provide in thoroughly investigating our proposed question. I believe had we not had the inception of COVID19 cases heightening in the period it did, we could have performed effective face-to-face focus groups on the campus. Unfortunately due to the online forum of the subject, we found not many bcm212 students went to the campus itself – particularly on the same day. Thus, we had to improvise and construct a zoom meeting for the focus group.

Luckily we had pre-predicted in our management plan that the possibility of gathering not enough participants to hold a focus group could occur. Thus, when we received results from our twitter inquiries and surveys demonstrating not enough participants to hold a focus group; we resorted to interviewing. This methodology worked just as well as we performed the same questions that we were planning, the only detriment being that the interviewees weren’t able to communicate and bounce off each other. Although in our favour, we received raw answers unwavered by others opinions. 

Overall, our investigation was a passionate and interesting delve into fashion and confidence and unveiling how this could affect classroom potential. I enjoyed the research although our methodology had iterated for the better, I wish we were able to perform this research on campus.

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