Comment Analysis for Future Cultures part 2


Jacks project is a broad musical exploration into the future. He will be researching the present and past of music to get a firm grip on the understanding of musical history before journeying into the future. Jack had experienced some unexpected personal events therefore he couldn’t deliver on the original scheduled outlined in the Pitch, which was productive of him to acknowledge the iterations he had gone through to produce what he has so far. I provided many sources that will ideally drive him to research a more specific pathway of music, whether that be the elimination of nostalgic discovery of music or the medium of listening to music chanigng due to evolving technology (links provided in the comment). My hope for Jack is to harness the material we have learnt in BCM325 with predictions and cybernetics (cyborgs) in a musical frame; identifying how music can fit into both of these investigations to encapsulate the basis of future cultures.


Shuning is venturing into the future of food as analysed in their Beta video, cleary demonstrating their iterations and changes whilst communciating what they did to overcome challanes faced. Producing videos for Youtube of experiencing authentic chinnese food were thuroughly enjoyed by their audience, taking on feedback given to them including creating a more clear video image for the audience. Shuning productively showed their progress in iteration through comparing their journey at the start to how its looking now. I provided some insight to help guide them to remain inside the boundaries of relevance to BCM325, oncemore advising that perhaps they could provide predictions on the future of Chinnese food. Reflecting on some science fiction movies and their futuristic state in the context of food was an activity I suggested they entertain to expand their research blogs accompanying the videos themselves. I also suggested the possibility of uploading their videos to Tik Tok as a medium to further increase their audience engagement. Overall their Beta was informative and precise, showing clear project trajectory. I provided some sources for them to consider about futurism of experiencing food to assist their journey.


Lydia was navigating a very important DA in researching the future of the earth. Her Beta video being consise and informative, she clearly outlines her utility, method and purpose in relation to not only the public forum of educational environmental awareness but how this ties into BCM325. I suggested for her to, again, engage in predictive activities about the future to gain more audience and understanding to the seriousness of the issue. I believe I keep suggesting for peers to make predictions about the future as a direct path to linking the DA idea with BCM325 because it forces us to utilise the skills and knowledge we have unveiled in the subject to preform the said predictions. It is a simple, easy yet diligent activity to undergo as we practise exercising the perspectives futurists would by predicting trends. Subsequently, I provided Lydia with some material of not only the imperative need to act now to save the future of the earth but with some science fiction movies specific to the future of the environment by which she may be able to watch and review. She could expand her DA by including some content watching and breaking down the representation of futuristic environments in sci-fi. This DA is a pivotal exploration into environmental awareness and realising the threat posed upon the future of the earth.

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