Techno-Orientalism in Cyberpunk: Visual Essay Pitch

divulging into techno-orientalism in cyberpunk and investigating either its impact on asian communities or how it can be uprooted from its deep seeds in sci-fi (depending on my research and sources found) will be my area of study for my BCM222 Visual Essay.

watch my visual essay pitch to find out more on what i have discovered so far!

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  1. madiirose says:

    This will be an interesting essay once you narrow down your focus! What are the ‘deep roots’ of techno-orientalism that need to be uprooted? Perhaps identify some key issues to give your final visual essay ‘question’ more structure. Cyberpunk is a great way to extend the knowledge of what we learnt in class! You can draw on how Western anxieties leading writers to imagine dystopian ‘aesthetics’, particularly like those in the Matrix and Big Hero Six. You could utilise the visual essay format by annotating stills from some key clips from the films. A simple way to break down the issues in a scene to the viewer who may not have watched the films for context. This article has a great analysis of the construction of “San Fransokyo” in Big Hero Six and the problems surrounding that.
    Overall, you have solid academic sources which will provide great insight for your essay!


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