Chae Media: A Beta Future

Chae Media has been working gradually over the years with the support of our magazine designs and blog post content. As per our pitch, we have released podcasts on various topics including Jody Turner and futurist thinking, Our 5 year goal, our audiences preferences and more. However, distinctly, we have discussed the discontinuation of our magazine and how our audience feels and reflects on this possibility.

Upon looking to the future, Chae has considered the logistics of time, resources and money; inspired by our refined futuristic outlook on trends via Jody Turner’s understanding of anthropology (how we got here and where we go from here). With the demands of many other features like video content and etsy shopping – the continuation of our magazine can not be as often as we usually permit.

Relative to the Jody Turner study we had undertaken, these preferences skewing to bite-size video content was not a surprise when embodying a futuristic lens about trends. Knowing this, our artefact trajectory has shifted as we remould our 5 year plan from the basis of these audience insights.

goals for 2026

When critically analysing our iterations so far, we know that the consistency of our podcasts is not where we had planned it would be. However, this was due to the feedback we gained from our podcasts as we drove ourselves into merchandise production and video content creation. We must find an effective balance between the two.

Chae has been able to effectively communicate with our audience through podcasts and the reactions of polls, we have been able to pin-point our consistent audience and determine how we will expand. From here, Chae will continue to release podcasts to maintain this connection of audience insight in addition to adhering to audiences requests and our 5 year goal by releasing more video content and etsy-potential.


  • Turner J (2019) “Glimpse: Understanding the Future Marketplace” Culture of Future

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  1. asherfielder says:

    What a great project!

    This is the first time I have come across Chae Media and after stalking your Instagram I am very impressed! Beautiful use of aesthetic and function to develop a powerful brand!

    Your use of feedback loops in the forms of polls and audience interaction is 10/10, to further expand this reach I would follow Gary V’s rule of engaging with other accounts, by dropping comments on accounts that Chae aspires to be similar to. In doing so you will attract people who are interested in your niche and expand both your audience and feedback loop.

    I love your goal setting, utilising measurable objectives to establish the future of Chae Media.

    Great project and I can’t wait to see the final iterations!


  2. Shuning Li says:

    Hi, nice to see your Beta post.
    First of all, your speech is very clear, which I think is very good. Because I often use the automatic translation function of subtitles, and a clear speech can make me understand the content of the video more clearly. Thank you!
    It’s nice to have the literature you mentioned embedded in your blog.
    The video colour scheme looks very comfortable and I’m glad you’ve found friendship with each other!
    I searched every platform that you used, I like them. Looks really good. I can’t even think of anything I can do for you. The only minor problem is that the Beta video’s sound is low.
    Anyway, keep going!


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