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for the screening of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, i tried to center my tweets on what was visually happening whilst watching the silent film. I enjoyed symbolically breakind down the film and identifying where science fiction as a lens into the fear of the future started; fear of rising technology mimicing humans. I had also done academic resarch which i found interesting but not as engaging to others as there wasn’t an article they could go to if they wanted to see the information i tweeted about. I tried to keep my tweets in threads of subject matter as well, so others could see how my thought processes developed throughout the movie.


as for the engagements, i tried to provide people with as much articles as i could on subjects they were bringing up. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of symbolic analysis occurring in the live tweeting, i commented to share my opinion and insights whenever i could; particularly enjoying the religous symbolism discussed.

2001 A Space Odyssey


the live tweeting for 2001 A Space Odyssey was filled with HAL. I critically researched HAL before the screening, accumulating as much information about it as i could. I enjoyed analysing the progress from Metropolis to 2001 A Space Odyssey in the fear of technology, how man could also create a connection with AI and identifying a reoccuring theme of creation turning against creator. I noticed how many different media reffered to HAL later on in entertainment (Futurama, Simpsons, Wall-E etc). I saw the film not as confusing, but as a beautiful work of preformance art. From the cinematography to the music; i believed this sci-fi film embraced visual aesthetics effectively.


Oncemore I found resources for others to refer to in their questions and contemplations of the film. Resharing tweets that were very similar to the connections i was trying to make in refrence to the genius of the film, such as the current re-made impersonations of HAL. I also wanted to make it clear that i believed this film was a critical reflection of artistic work. From this week onward i wanted to try to express more of my opinions to others questions as opposed to solve them, i believed this would help develop my critical analysing skills.

West World


West World was another step into the concept of fearing technology and the rise of AI in science fiction history, except enlightening more that AI will eventually turn on them due to the consistent state of human serving. I delved more into background research for this weeks live tweeting, attempting to educate other bcm students of academic opinions along with the unique production of the film. I found that researching particularly the context of the film really refined my understanding of the movie’s success in its particular time period.


As discussed beforehand, i tried to engage more with peoples opinions rather than finding an article to solve them. I would find resources which would explore the concept of the questions posed however predominantley i would share in dissecting the analysis occuring through the live tweeting. I found this approach very effective in understanding the film through a thorough critical evaluation via discussion.

Blade Runner


This weeks screening of Blade Runner was a fascinating turn in the sci-fi genre at the time, instead shedding a light of sympathy to AI and intriguing the thought that they too could be human. This is when i had noticed that science fiction was probing the question ‘what does it take to be human’. The future was always pictured as a fear of technology, this film unveiled a fear of where humanity was turning; seen through the bleak, depressing, ill-climated streets of Blade Runner. Finally, i also noticed that my knowledge from other subjects were intertwined with bcm325, such as the research of orientalism and techno-orientalism in bcm222.


The live tweeting was mostly filled with an overwhelming amount of sympathy to replicants and a question to whether Deckard was one. I enjoyed delving into this critical reflection of the movie with other students, sharing my knowledge and opinion. Many students including myself also noticed many similarities between characters and setting in Blade Runner to it’s contextual milieu of the 70/80s (punk style, Neuromancer, Harley Quinn etc). This is when we started noticing science fiction refrencing film noirs which would start to increase in sci-fi.

Ghost in a Shell


The screening for Ghost in a Shell was filled with many surprises of how much students liked the film although it was an anime. I made many connections between the film and The Matrix and even The Fifth Element, once more enlightening to everyone how science fiction works in a unit. Fearing the future has created this genre, however a more philosophical tone has been identified in Ghost in a Shell; seen formulating from the screening beforehand in Blade Runner. Questioning what it is to be human has now become a trope in science ficition.


I was very encapsulated in this weeks film thus i didn’t find many articles to peoples questioning however I engaged with them instead. I much enjoyed breaking apart the philiosophical web that Ghost in a Shell casted over our student cohort, I believe that reflecting on the film in many different perspectives assisted our understanding of ‘what could be’ and the sense of ‘multiple futures’. Many students were also making connections between thinking tanks and the film which was very educative to myself and i’m sure many others.

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