Comment Analysis: BCM325

Sheng Cheng

Sheng Cheng and ShuNing Li will be looking into different chinese restaurants and filming themselves so audiences can experience vicariously through them. They believe that audiences interested in food, particularly food as an experience and interesting food, will be able to utilise their videos as entertainment and inspiration.

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my suggestion for this team was to look more into the future of food and the future of restaurants. With the research that i found, it looks like food portions will increase with an increasing popularity growth. Not only this, but natural whole-food options will become much more popular over the latter. However, concurrent to this, values in food waste management will over take the food industry. Thus i introduced the suggestion of looking into how food and chinese restaurants can stay on the right side of food wastage, leaving a positive imprint on the earth. I also suggested that perhaps if they’re travelling, to consider how the future of restaurants have taken a turn due to the pandemic; how the future looks for dine-in food experiences. This is how Sheng Cheng can get a grasp on Multiple Futures, remaining vigilent of the possible and keeping tabs on what can become chatestrophic in the future.


Tori is going to look at esports and the growing popularity and growing income esport athletes get, exploring the esport community first hand by introducing a twitch account to be playing with and an instagram account.

my suggestions included looking into whether the possibility of esport careers with a salary would open up in future as opposed to getting revenue from monetisation and sponsorships, observing how the future can be complex and contradict what we belive now is unwavering. I also suggested for her to look into how, as esports grow, it can avoid the controversies and ‘messes’ other sports have faced. Finally, the suggestion i was most excited about, was exploring gender in esports and how being a female may be a different experience to male ; how does it look in the future? an article i found suggested a powerful change in this area.


jacks digital artefact is going to be a video essay on the future of music consumption and how music is delivered to us.

i thought it was very productive of him to have a thorough production timeline. I looked into the future of music and found many articles of concern about music and the authenticity experienced when discovering music. Many people believed that AI and music will be the eradication of music exploration as personalised music becomes an easier and more accessible feature to AI. I suggested for him to explore this for his video essay as a part of how music delivery mediums change.

Overall, all the pitches i looked at could have connected more with the bcm325 digital artefact guidelines of ‘where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 – 50 years’ in addition to molding themselves into the subject material more by incorporating concepts such as ‘multiple futures’. Remaining vigilent of the current ethical trajectory is key to remaining on top of possible futures. Upon relfection of these pitches, i believe that i also need to re-evaluate my own pitch and look more specifically in the bcm325 subject material for a specific area of future in Chae to explore. I also want to complete a much more vivid production timeline for my own project as inspired by the pitches i evaluated.

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