Social media revolutionaries have been catalysed by the exposure of images or videos online (posted to facebook, youtube twitter etc.) that usually abuses a person’s basic human rights. From this a movement is formed typically in accompany to a hashtag such as #January25, #euromaiden, #sandrabland and the very ominous and current #blacklivesmatter. 

Online narratives are phenomenons of story telling by a distributed network which allows many different story telling sources on the same story frame (Guobin, 2016). Hashtags or online narratives are shaped by the cultural context of the time and form as a digitalised movement of content that apply to the social media milieu (Guobin, 2016).

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The #sandrabland narrative proves as an effective distribution of political informations as the video went viral the hashtag use escalated from 31,000 to 200,000 tweets (Pitman, Ralph, Camacho, Monk-Turner, 2017).

“Twitter continues to serve as an online space and mobilization tool for social movement activism”

(Pitman, Ralph, Camacho, Monk-Turner, 2017).

Online narratives, hashtags, are an extremely effective social media revolutionary feature that helps stimulate difference in contextual political affairs. 

Guobin Y (2016) Narrative Agency In Hashtag Activism: The Case of #blacklivesmatter University of Pennsylvania. Accessed June 3 2020 https://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1500&context=asc_papers

Pitman B, Ralph A.M, Camacho J, Monk-Turner E (2017) Social Media Users Interpretation of Sandra Bland Arrest Video Sage Journals Accessed June 11 2020 https://login.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/login?qurl=https://journals.sagepub.com%2fdoi%2fpdf%2f10.1177%2f2153368717705420

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  1. emmaannj says:

    Hey chels, I loved your blog! It was so informative, I also spoke about The Black Lives Matter movement. The power of just using the #BLM on Twitter as well as other social media platforms helped show how important this issue is. This year is all about change and this caused a huge wave of change within this movement, and hopefully, there is still more change to come! It’s so interesting how fast things can travel and be shared just over one hashtag, but yeah great blog! x


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