Gabbing with the Gorls on Technology Permissions and Control

User access and control ideologies are two components that are consequented from the evolution of technology becoming a counterpart of human beings. Our acquaintance with technology has transformed into an ‘extension of ourselves’ being the medium in McLuhan’s theory. The message therefore communicated as the attachment of the internet and smartphones and computers and more. 

User accesses and permissions is a system that has developed due to this close extension that technology has become from ourselves. To assist us in feeling like we are not under surveillance and controlled, as ideological control is a subsequent anxiety over users as a repercussion of this. Permission access is something that is created to ease our anxieties in terms of control, by allowing us the ability to control how much of technology extends into our lives. However, is this really the case? Do we even have control?

This week’s Gabbing with the Gorls discusses this idea with contemporary examples such as social media platforms, the covid safe app and ads. Unfortunately not all of the Chae team made it this week, so it was just Hannah and myself. ENJOY!

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  1. James Roche says:

    Yo we both made podcasts! Did you record it on Skype? Yours was mostly about tracking, where mine was about other stuff. The only crime isn’t getting you to buy stuff they also market who you should vote for. The algorithms can detect anti government sentiment I would have liked you to explore that more. Privacy is a human right that protects democracy. I saw a tweet today from @Snowden “If you ever wonder where we’re at on the dystopia scale, consider that it’s normal to believe the government is spying on you, and crazy to believe that they’re not.”

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  2. James Roche says:

    Not to mention @Snowden’s other tweet today regarding the uploading of health information to the cloud. If this information got out do you think it would adversely affect your ability to find employment or health insurance?


    1. Hey that’s so cool you did podcast too!! You seem MUCH more informed about the topic ahaha sorry about that! We did ours on zoom which is why it can be a bit glitchy. I absolutely agree with that tweet about knowing about the government, I especially look to 1984 the book of where we seem to be heading as a society. I think uploading your health information may affect those things like jobs and insurance but it probably would already if someone was being truthful about it (which probably doesn’t happen much!)

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      1. James Roche says:

        The quality of your podcast was good, definitely listenable. I will look at using zoom too, cheeers.


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