Gabbing with the Gorls: Digital Copyrighted Ideas?

Media ownership on the digital plane has intensified what it means to produce original content and how copyright plays into that role. Copyright originated as a measure to protect producers (like authors or artists) from the unethical redistribution of their work. Stealing intellectual property, this was known as literacy, music, artworks and materials of such kind, was only considered a ‘wrong’ in the 1700s. 

Copyright is granted to anyone who is a producer of content (must be a human). What state can something be copyrighted? When it is produced! So.. how does the digital world work in this? The modern day has introduced new mediums that can be copyrighted, such as videos and music. As an example, youtube is famously known to take down videos that incorporate music that hasn’t been paid for to use. Therefore, the internet paradigm has contributed a new medium for copyright in addition to a new mechanism to monitor copyright.

Check out this podcast with Hannah, Emma and I about ideas being ‘copied’ and discussing whats the difference with copying and following a trend. 

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  1. oliviajlopez says:

    Hey! Loved your blog post. It was very helpful and was super easy to read! Keep it up!

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