Warner Brothers New Monogram?!

Queen Victoria – Victoria Regina


Queen Victoria’s monogram served its purpose as it still appears locally in the streets of Britain today. The monogram was a symbol of Victoria Regina herself, it is a mark to determine her domain in addition to her power. The significance of possessing a royal cypher pivotal to being seen as a part of the royal family, the historic tradition grew from the initial purpose of demonstrating power and dominance. 

These symbols are a historic account of design where a person can be recognised via a monogram, and with that person came the connotations of dominance, ownership, power and royalty with it. The monograms typically accompany the initial of the ruler (e.g. V in this case for Queen Victoria) and an R for the term either ‘rex’ or ‘regina’ which were latin translations of ‘King’ and ‘Queen’. 

Queen Victoria’s symbol is cursive and elegant in appearance. It’s qualities include the simplicity of elegance that can be translated and understood as royalty. The purpose of creating the monogram in this appearance was to serve a common understanding to all that saw it, that without even reading it the symbol appears like a royal cypher. 


Warner Brothers Entertainment


The Warner Brothers monogram is a famous modern symbol of the entertainment industry bringing us favourites such as Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix and The Exorcist. The production company is required to have a symbol to represent them both for the world, and for their movies. Similar to how the monarchs marked their kingdom, the Warner Brothers need this monogram as a ‘stamp’ to dictate their ownership over the production of the movie. Always, at the start of movies, is a series of logos and monograms to demonstrate to the audience watching that the company somehow contributed to the makings and delivery of the production. Therefore, the significance of the Warner Brothers monogram is similar to the royal cyphers in that they are displaying what they own, however not in a purpose of dominance. The ownership factor is more paramount than dominance and superiority in this modern monogram, but perhaps the consideration that possessing more successful movies than other entertainment companies will create a broader recognition of the Warner Brothers industry when their monogram is shown before each one; thus a small amount of dominance could be identified. 

Alternatively, The Warner Brothers monogram has changed vastly in qualities. The W and B are not cursive but bold and thick, the middle of the shield that they are encased within longer than the outer edges of the letters. The strip over the top of the letters detailing the translation of the monogram adds a uniqueness to the monogram in contrast to the royal cypher, in addition to the three-dimensional boldness of the symbol. However, the colours decorating the symbol are gold and blue, which are both royally-connotated colours which could give the old and the new monogram a small connection.


Although, the Warner Brothers logo has only just recently changed! We are now introduced with a new monogram simply W and B in a blue shielded background. The style has reverted back to simplicity as the modern design trends seem to be enacting. The Warner Bros strip now moves beneath the monogram as just a line of darker blue words. The change in the monogram could be a good and a bad move, good in that they are filtering through the modern simplicity design and keeping track of trends. However, could this affect their strong reputation built up on the original design? What about the older movies? I guess we’ll find out. 


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