Meme Warefare feat. Zoom With The Gorls

The Distributed Media shift in paradigms has altered the way news and events reach the everyday audience. Because media is distributed it interacts with an open program, where there are no restrictions on access to the content. This is why Legacy Media such as article subscriptions and even broadcasting channels are starting to pale in comparison to the exposure of social media. 

Because this content is so easy to access, the content  created is able to be reinterpreted and adapted by the ‘consumers’. Which in turn, eliminates consumers entirely, every participant in Distributed Media is able to participate in a conversation of ongoing digital content; unfinished and developed. Typically the use of memes is an example in this type of media. Meme Warfare has become a new technique to propaganda, alleviating other political methods of propagating. Meme Warfare demonstrates what an audience understands of a cultural, social and political state. It is a medium where multiple views can be shared.

Me and my friends (Hannah and Emma) decided to make the best of this isolation and created a zoom-recorded video of us discussing memes, tik tok and scomo. Enjoy!

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