DA Ideas : Which to choose?

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces

Between stars – on stars where no human race is.

I have it in me so much nearer home

To scare myself with my own desert places” Robert Frosts ‘Desert Places

Originally, for my Digital Artefact I was, and still am passionate to do, a production of my digital artworks exhibited in social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

I started an instagram page (@c.lee_art) and have commenced sharing my artwork. I would like to create a professional online portfolio for future opportunities in art and design. I additionally started posting the drawings to my Pinterest account (leebastable), as I know many artist go to this platform to find reference and inspiration.


However, when expanding the concept of my idea I realised I don’t have a particular “problem” for my digital artefact to assist my users with. I am just creating art to share and work on a portfolio for a potential career opportunity. Hence why I am now stuck.

I have a strong passion for creating art, particularly portraits, as I have always desired to be a character designer or concept artist but doubted my technological ability to do so. I hoped the Digital Artefact would be my pathway to this road of design however I have not yet found, and not sure if I will, find a problem to address for my Digital Artefact.

Therefore, aside from this idea the only thing I could think of to help people that I had knowledge and experience in was relationships. I’ve been through my fair share of friendship dramas as I am sure everyone reading has. I’ve also dived into the deep dangerous ocean of family conflicts and have resurfaced safely, maybe slightly traumatised, but still safely. I have also been in a loving, caring, annoying yet fun relationship with my wonderful partner for over three years now and have helped advise and comfort others in their relationship mishaps.

In conclusion, I’ve been an unqualified therapist for many individuals. Whether this may be in the car on the way to a maccas run, or an out right rant all night, I feel as though I’ve been someone that would provide productive advice for relationships. I have pondered the idea of making a public questioning forum where people could tell me their complicated relationship problems and I could answer, or maybe even a podcast of how to weasel your way out of being in the fault (not that Ive done that many times …)

Perhaps this may be my answer to my problem of finding a problem to help out. Although I still have a large artistic surge towards creative design and expression, could I possibly create better content as an online relationship advisor? Who knows, not me.

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  1. Makasih banyak mas, adanya inffo inni membantu saya dalam melakukan kegiatan.
    Tidak hanya ituu saja banyak juga manfaat yang sawya temukan lainnya disini.


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